After ripping shots of straight vodka as a 12 year old, I found Smirnoff Ice to be a slice of heaven on earth when I discovered this Sprite tasting drink soon after.


Apparently some men in Baltimore (b-less) in their mid-twenties also feel like I did as a pre-teen:

Daniel:  hey your cute

ShiksaInTheCity:  thanks!

Daniel:  sorry after looking at your pix i was wrong

Daniel:  you are gorgious

Daniel:  how are you?

ShiksaInTheCity:  haha

ShiksaInTheCity:  thanks

ShiksaInTheCity:  i am well thanks

ShiksaInTheCity:  im not jewish though

ShiksaInTheCity:  is that a problem?

Daniel:  so

Daniel:  what

Daniel:  that is not a problem you make up for it with your looks

Daniel:  oh ok so why did you join this site if your not jewish

[dead air]

Daniel:  ?

ShiksaInTheCity:  because everyone knows jewish men are the best husbands

Daniel:  lol

ShiksaInTheCity:  they dont hit their spouses

Daniel:  ooooooooook

Daniel:  who would hit someone as beautiful as you?

ShiksaInTheCity:  awww thats adorable

[dead air]

Daniel:  you really are preoccupied

[dead air]

Daniel:  alright i am here if you wanna talk otherwise nice talkin

ShiksaInTheCity:  haha

ShiksaInTheCity:  sorry

ShiksaInTheCity:  im working

Daniel:  on?

ShiksaInTheCity:  a writing project

Daniel:  you want me to let you be

ShiksaInTheCity:  i stopped for now

ShiksaInTheCity:  just finished

ShiksaInTheCity:  and why arent you out raging in bless?

ShiksaInTheCity:  i mean bmore?

Daniel:  i am not that type of guy

ShiksaInTheCity:  what is that type of guy?

Daniel:  i don’t like clubs

ShiksaInTheCity:  bars?

Daniel:  50 50

ShiksaInTheCity:  whats your fav drink?

Daniel:  alcoholic or non

ShiksaInTheCity:  both

Daniel:  chocolate milk and smirnoff ice

Daniel:  you?

ShiksaInTheCity:  wait, really?

ShiksaInTheCity:  together?

Daniel:  no

ShiksaInTheCity:  i dont get it

Daniel:  chocolate milk is my fav non alcohlic drink and smirnoff ice is my fav alcoholic drink

ShiksaInTheCity:  smirnoff ice with what?

ShiksaInTheCity:  straight?

Daniel:  yeah

ShiksaInTheCity:  thats why im confussed

ShiksaInTheCity:  chilled?

ShiksaInTheCity:  as a shot?

Daniel:  no


Daniel:  still confussed

Daniel:  ?

ShiksaInTheCity:  oh

ShiksaInTheCity:  wow

Daniel:  what

ShiksaInTheCity:  i stopped drinking those when i was 13

ShiksaInTheCity:  so yes, still confussed

ShiksaInTheCity:  but thats nice

Daniel:  wait what you drank when you were 13

ShiksaInTheCity:  sminoff ice


Not me, but close enough.


hungover from Smirnoff ice = #whitegirlproblem