WTF is a shiksa?

Great question and one that took me a few years of research to throughly understand.

I entered college not even knowing what Kosher meant and was placed with a Conservative Jewish roommate who “kept Kosher” and also kept a clarinet in our closet. Love her, but boy were we different girls.

Well I learned what Kosher meant after a few trips to the dining hall and drunken nights out. I’m appalled that someone’s religion can prevent them from eating a bacon cheeseburger and crabs, but I grew up being forced to drink a dead man’s blood for 18 years, so I guess she wins?

After 4 years at a rather Jewcy University, where I lived in one of the only apartment complexes where mostly only Orthodox Jewish students resided, and 2 years in Los Angeles where I worked in an industry primarily dominated by Jewish men and with a Jewish roommate from Strong Island…. I can say this girl learned a lot.

But really, we all know Wikipeida does it best, so here it is with a little help from everyone’s fav hot mess shiksa…don’t forget that Sam Ronson was from Ashkenazi Jewish descent.  Think they found each other on JDate?

Shiksa (Yiddish: שיקסע, Polish: siksa) or shikse, is a Yiddish and Polish word that has moved into English usage, mostly in North American Jewish culture, as a term for a non-Jewishwoman, initially and sometimes still pejorative but now often used satirically. Shiksa usually refers to an attractive (stereotypically blonde) gentile woman or girl who might be a temptation to Jewish men or boys, e.g., for dating, intermarriage, etc. For some Jewish people (especially more religious types), the term may be used pejoratively (e.g. implying loose morals), but among others, it is more often used self-mockingly and satirically, to poke fun at the supposed view among Jews that non-Jewish women are more attractive than Jewish women.

Professor Frederic Cople Jaher writes:

The shiksa obsesses many jews: Rabbis see her as an intermarital threat to the survival of Judaism; parents fear that she will lure their sons away from family and faith; and Jewish men fantasize about her sexual and social desirability. She figures prominently—even compulsively—in popular movies and bestsellers by Jewish directors and writers.

Among Orthodox Jews, the term may be used to describe a Jewish girl or woman who fails to follow Orthodox religious precepts.

The equivalent term for a non-Jewish male, used less frequently, is shegetz.

In South America (ArgentinaBrazilUruguay), the term “shiksa” is used by both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews to indicate a housekeeper or maid and not simply a non-Jewish female.


The word shiksa is etymologically partly derived from the Hebrew term שקץ, שכץ sheketz, which means “abomination”, “impure,” or “object of loathing”, depending on the translator.

Several dictionaries define “shiksa” as a disparaging and offensive term applied to a non-Jewish girl or woman.

The word (written “siksa”, pronounced “shiksa”) in Polish culture is a popular pejorative (but often teasing or affectionate) word for an immature young girl or teenager. It means “pisspants” and is roughly equivalent to the English terms “snot-nosed brat”, “little squirt”, or “kid”. It is a conflation between the Yiddish term and usage of the Polish word “sikać” (“to urinate”). The male equivalent is “sikus”.

Wow. So many haters but so much love too.

Please note all the negative words:

pejorative X 2




housekeeper or maid








snot-nosed brat

little squirt


loose morals
Please note all the positive words:

attractive X 2




sexual and social desirability





Jewish directors and writers*

object of loathing


Who knows what is really positive and negative and who really cares? I’m not creating this blog to offend anyone and misrepresent who I am and what I believe in. It is merely a social experiment and also an examination of dating websites and men. Well, specifically Jewish men.

Because everyone knows…

Maybe Charlotte will find her Harry in the conservative and boring Washington, DC?
I’m not doing this to find a husband but…. Keep Reading and you will find out!!